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When starting an Ecommerce business, the most essential questions that come to mind are questions such as “How we will keep the payment safe?”, “What if the website gets hacked?” or “What if the website stops working?”
These are all very legitimate questions and are bound to be of foremost concern to every smart entrepreneur as they debate whether taking their business online is the right choice at the moment.

SSL is a security certificate that stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” also known as “Transport Layer Security (TLS)”, and while it sounds like something extremely complicated and complex – it is really not! In fact, you have been coming across this on a daily basis. Facebook, Youtube and Amazon: all these websites that value customer privacy use SSL.
Now the question is how does it work. Trust us, it is not as complicated as it sounds. It is a protocol that not only protects financial transactions but any kind of transaction between two destinations. It uses encryption to keep these transactions private. If any sort of bug,scam, data corruption or an unexpected attempt to alter captured data is incurred, the security check for integrity of data encryption will not succeed, and consequently, the encrypted sensitive information will not be exposed.

You might be wondering how this will impact your customers. When a website has an SSL certificate, a green lock icon appears in the address bar and the URL starts with “https” rather than “http”. It a symbol of authenticity to ensure users that the business is not a scam and is, infact, a powerful tool to help build customer trust as their data privacy is of great importance to the company or brand.

There are many websites that provide SSL certificates ranging from $30 to $300 a year but when you build your store on Firefly, it all comes absolutely FREE! SSL certificate is automatically installed on your website without any charges because we care for your business. Privacy policy helps you gain a competitive edge and instantly increases your store’s credibility in the eyes of your users.

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