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All features for 1 whole month!
Rs. 499.0 / 1 month
    Easy online store to launch your business for Rs.499 only
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All features for 3 months!
Rs. 1,499 / 3 months
    Professional features to grow and manage your online store
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Rs. 2,499 / 6 months
    Advanced ecommerce solutions to expand your business
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Rs. 4,999 / 12 months
    Everything you need to sell online, mobile and at retail.
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* Please note, we charge a 1% fee on sales above PKR 50,000 every month. Consider the following examples:

– If your sales are below PKR 50,000 in a given month, you will only pay the monthly fee of PKR 499.

– If your monthly sales are PKR 60,000 in a given month, you will pay PKR 499 + PKR 100 (1% of PKR 10,000) = PKR 599 for that month.

– If you’ve bought the yearly subscription, we will charge you 1% on the amount over PKR 50,000 for each month that the sales are over the PKR 50,000 threshold.

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