Make Sure Your Ecommerce Site Works Perfectly on Mobile & Desktop

Online shopping is slowly and surely replacing brick and mortar stores. Customers find it a lot easier to open up the store on their phones or laptops, right from their home, office or even while travelling. So, one of the first questions you have to ask yourself is if your Webstore is easy to access from any device. Smartphones have become such an essential part of our lives that we tend to do everything with the touch of a few buttons right from our handheld devices. Whether it be the task of ordering food, navigating our way through the city using Maps or “window shopping” – we prefer doing it all from our very own phone.

You need not to worry because Firefly ensures your Webstore displays perfectly on a Mobile phone as well as a desktop!

Let’s say a user is scrolling through Facebook and comes across an advertisement of your Webstore. They click on the offer and are redirected to a page that looks rather shabby on their phone screen- they will most likely click out of the page and, perhaps, not return. On the other hand, if the Webstore that opened were to offer them as remarkable an experience on their phone screen as the desktop, you may have just gained a new customer. At Firefly, we understand the importance of a fully responsive Webstore that offers ease and comfort to those viewing your website. Firefly not only benefits your SEO ranking by responsive and offering a splendid mobile browsing experience, but also assures that your Webstore is viewed by a large audience as it works smoothly on every smartphones device..

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