How To Start Selling Online With Local Delivery Banner

Local delivery permits the customers to purchase your items online conveniently. They can place their orders from anywhere and get them delivered to their homes/offices without any hassle. Moreover, they can easily pay through various platforms such as cash on delivery or online banking tools.

The entire process can be best summed up in the following steps:

  • Customer see your product and place an order on your site and pay online.
  • You receive a message or email and start preparing your order.
  • You pack your order and check all address and phone number.
  • Handover your shipment to your delivery team.
  • Inform customer your product is on the way.
Create Online Web store:

Looking to learn about how to make a website for free? The first step to begin with setting up your web-store should include the following important points:

  • Start with choosing a free trial option. Every E-commerce platform where you can set up your web-store comes with a choice of opting for a free trial (be it 7 days or 14 days).
  • Choose an appealing name for your web-store which relates well with what you intend to sell online. It should be relevant to your products and businesses so it can blend in well with your target audience in the competitive market.
  • Once done; you can also integrate your local domain. It’s an optional step to take and not a compulsory one.
Add Products

While choosing the best platform to build an e commerce website; an important step that should never be overlooked is to do a comparison to get a fair idea about the most popular niches. Once done; you can proceed with setting up your web-store and adding relevant products to it.

Here are a few easy steps to follow if you are setting up an online store at

  • From your Firefly admin panel head to the products click to add products
  • You have two option Single product upload or Bulk uploading you can chose any one according to your products
  • Enter a title of your product, description, price, discount price, SKU, tags etc.
  • Edit your variants according to your products like different size or color etc.
  • Upload your Product picture

Select your Theme

Moving forward with setting up your E commerce business online; it’s imperative to select a good theme that is best suitable according to your business. You can choose any theme for your web store and see how it looks and how your products are reflecting in various templates before settling for one.

Setup Courier Integration:

When you setup your store completely the last step is to setup local delivery you can delivery your products to your customer door step via local delivery you can choose any company for delivery on you have 3 courier companies options you can select anyone that are good according to your business call courier, leopard and TCS or you can select self-delivery local delivery helps you to delivery your product fastly you can manage all your orders in one place.

While selecting a local delivery option you need to set prices that are best suitable according to your customers you select prices and enter to your webstore so when customer order the product and check out the delivery charges shows properly so can they know how much total price is.

To setup local delivery you need to go store settings and click on courier integration option and select any company that is suitable according to your business or select self-delivery option the company you select that shows to your customer as well while placing the order.

Shipping Operations

After setup local delivery you can set shipping prices in shipping operations according to your products i.e price per kg,per units and per orders etc.

Evaluate Marketing Analytics:

This is an important step to pay attention to especially if you are just starting off with launching your brand online. You can add your google analytics and Facebook pixel id for tracking the traffic. Moreover, you can select Analytics and enter google analytics code and Facebook pixel id to get the setup done.

Get Orders Booked:

The final step once the web store is all set and local delivery options are integrated will be to wait for the orders to be placed on your web store. When you get orders; you click on order on the main screen, then click on orders and you can check how many orders you have received.

Firstly, you need to verify the orders; then you book the orders with your local delivery company or put up the self-delivery option. You can choose either option once the order is successfully booked.

In the end; just download the invoice and dispatch your orders via local delivery. As simple as that!

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