How Page Load Time And Website Design Affects Webstore Bounce Rate!

The page loading time, for any webpage, is considered to be an essential aspect to successfully grow your e-commerce website. Any web user always enjoys a quick and speedy website as it greatly enhances the customer experience. User experience plays a vital role in improving the Web store’s performance on the web, but what you may not know is that the loading time of a page directly affects the visitor’s behavior which leads to a significant increase or drop in your Webstore revenue. These circumstances have a significant impact on the entrepreneur’s online business.

Why should E-commerce Websites bother?

In this quick-paced 21st Century, there are many innovative metric tools introduced by e-commerce analytical programs that describe key performance indicators to create free business websites. Bounce rate is considered to be one of the most important analytical tools that monitor and measure your website traffic and provide the percentage of visitors that land on your website and leave without any meaningful engagement.

For example, if 1500 visitors land on your Web store on a particular day and 540 of them leave without browsing any further, or exploring other pages, then your bounce rate would be 36% i.e. (540/1500)*100 – which is considered to be a high bounce rate and does not reflect well for your brand. The bounce rate shows the ups and downs of your web store performance. However, according to the research, the extra 0.5 seconds delay in the search page will lead to a 20% drop in your traffic. (Source: Google)

Your E-commerce websites’ performance will be in danger if your visitor tries to achieve a target by clicking the BUY button but, instead, click the exit icon – which will then result in a higher bounce rate.

Firefly’s Quick Speed & Amazing Design Catches the Customer’s Attention!

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