Great product photography can mean cha-ching quick!

In today’s world, everything has become so visual-centric that images are the essential to catch a customer’s eye. If they like what they see, they will continue to look around and, potentially, make a purchase. According to consumer research, 67% of customers believe that image quality plays a vital role when they are purchasing online. This is why high resolution photography is important for businesses looking to increase Ecommerce sales in order to leave their viewers with a memorable online browsing experience.

With Firefly, you can make use of remarkable product photography to help show your customers exactly what your product offers. Through Facebook posts and product images on the website, Firefly offers various intrinsic marketing opportunities to all its sellers. Images that are used across social media resonate a brand’s business identity as well as the various elements that define them define your business. Some of these elements for high resolution images are:

  • Color palette
  • Saturation
  • Focal length
  • Location and context

Images not only speak to the target audience viewing your brand, but also help enrich your content. This means that product photography is one of the major components of your business and can directly play a part in both increasing sales and maintaining the buyers interest. Regardless of the scope of your business, product photography is always essential. Mobile audiences want fast and quick ways to make a purchase and they don’t have the time to read the content, which is exactly when product photography plays its role. It’s been said that a picture speaks a thousand words – this could not be more true. Your product photography speaks directly to your viewers and it either makes or breaks the sale. Hence, the easiest and most effective way to target your customers is through brilliant product photography as it increases ecommerce sales and helps you make money a lot quicker.

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