Free Shipping can actually help you increase your Ecommerce profits

Business in the 21st century is all about finding a competitive edge in the business market. Unless there is a competitive advantage in price, quality or product differentiation, the brand/business may not be able to influence customers to buy their products.Shipping is an e-commerce business tool used by every major online business in order to deliver the product to a consumer after a transaction is made.

Free shipping is an essential marketing technique that can be used to gain the perfect competitive advantage. This was first introduced by the multi-billion Dollar Company, According to a Business Insider report, nearly 58 percent of e-commerce transactions included free shipping. Similarly, a case study by Red Door Interactive claimed that free shipping has increased online orders by 90 percent.

When we invest in a brick and mortar business setup, rent and salesman costs are considered as investment, whereas, in the case of e-commerce business, it is believed that free shipping will increase the expenses and reduce profits. However, in reality, it is the cost of making the product attainable for the customer. It is, in essence, an investment.

One of the primary objectives of any business is to retain the existing customers and build new customer relationships. Businesses often spend a huge amount of resources towards Adwords and sponsored advertising – free shipping not only helps in retaining customers but is also cheaper than advertising.

The ultimate goal of Firefly is to make things as easy as possible for your e-business. You no longer have to worry about hiring a programmer to add shipping feature to your website – Firefly gives you the option of courier integration right on the dashboard.

All you have to do is click “Add Now”, and there you have it – multiple courier services to choose from. Remember that you need to contact the courier service first, and then enter your credentials on the courier integration page. Your products are now ready to be shipped anywhere in the world without any hassle. If you want to offer free shipping, it is even easier, simply click “Shipping Operations” from the store settings, check “Free Shipping” and you are done!

This is all you need to gain that competitive edge in the market.

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