Discount Pricing Helps you Acquire More Customers and Increases Ecommerce Sales

It sounds like a paradox. You might be wondering how discount prices can possibly help INCREASE your ecommerce sales. Well, it is only possible when discount strategies are followed properly. These strategies help acquire new customers and result in more sale of the product. If a customer sees a discount, they are more likely to atleast check out the Webstore even if it is only to view all the items available at a discounted price.
You might be asking yourself: How should these strategies apply?
Setting a discount strategy always boosts your sales and volumes up your business. Pricing is the main thing which can help move stock and reach the targets through sales. It attracts new customers because many of those shopping online are looking for discount prices and other offers. Without any discount prices, it may become rather difficult to give the customers an added incentive to shop from your Webstore and with this, you lose the competitive edge which is essential for your brand to stand out in the current ecommerce sphere. Some of the best strategies to increase ecommerce sales and gain your customers’ interest are as follows:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Discount Prices
  • Coupons
  • Saving Offers

Firefly plays an important role when it comes to discount prices. Firefly offers a functionality which enables store owners to easily apply discount on various products. You can add discounts to your products using both Discount Amount and Discount Percentage which are easily convertible so you don’t need to open up your calculator everytime you offer a sale to your customers.

According to research, when customers receive coupons, deals and discounted prices, they feel happy and this positive feedback of saving money, instead of spending it, encourages them to shop more.
The best way to reach your sale targets and increase your revenue is through setting a good pricing strategy. It consists of various techniques such as free shipping, bundled discounts and seasonal discounts in order to continue attracting the buyers’ interest. Firefly is the best platform to start up your own business quickly and acquire customers which will result in a significant increase in sales.

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