Best Accounting Software Tools For Small But Growing Businesses

Spending a lot of time on correcting the spreadsheets, updating manuals and databases might hamper your productivity and ultimately your business in the long run. Small business owners who are managing various domains and resources within their businesses rely most on different accounting software tools.

There is a thin but distinctive difference between a software and an app. Apps are considered useful if there are limited functionalities to take care of, however, on an extensive level, a software or a tool will prove to be most fruitful.

If you are looking to make the best out of your business and less time consumption on record keeping methods; a good and effective accounting tool will be your best partner.

Here are 5 useful accounting software tools. to go for if you are looking to establish hassle free book keeping methods for your business.

1. AccountEdge Pro

This software tool is considered the best fit for small to medium businesses as it offers both on-premises and cloud access. It possess a detailed module of inventory management which lets you keep record of the products and multiple pricing levels against the same. It also offers a Shopify connector, thus making your inventory gets synced with the online sales.

The basic plan of AccountEdge costs about $149 which is a one-time fee and the Pro edition costs a one-time fee of $399.

2. QuickBooks Desktop

Old but never out of style; QuickBooks Desktop is considered to be a must-have software application for small to medium growing businesses. This tool can offer a 24/7 round the clock access if hosted on a cloud server. Packed with many interesting features; this application offers you the options of connecting your bank accounts along with efficient invoicing and inventory management capabilities.

QuickBooks Desktop has three plans to offer. Pro plan is $299.05/year. Premier plan is for $499.95/year and Enterprise plan which costs $849.10/year.

3. One Up

If you are looking for an accounting software tool with a great financial dashboard; then One Up is your go-to application. Easily accessible and user-friendly financial dashboard of One Up offers you a quick overview of your business finances, including cash flow, expense breakdowns and details about profit and loss.

One Up offers five plans ranging from self to Pro and from plus to Unlimited. The price ranges are $9/month, $19/month, $29/month & $169/month respectively.

4. Zip Books

If you are a freelancer, a small business owner, a consultant or someone who is setting up a new business, Zip Books can prove to be a great addition in your list of accounting software tools. to consider. This application offers efficient time-tracking features for instance an in-built time tracker which can be set as per the requirements and can record important notes for you for billing purposes. Moreover, it also offers invoicing options, monthly reports, categorization and linking to bank accounts for transactions.

Zip Books offers a free plan for starters which offers you a free setup for your business. You can always switch to paid whenever you feel necessary. In addition to this; Zip Books offer two plans named as Smarter and Sophisticated which are $15/month and $35/month respectively.

5. Xero

If you are attracted to accounting software tools which are designed to look more like apps and display colorful interfaces; then you will love Xero. It’s an on-the-go application which is exclusively designed for small businesses and enterprises.

One of the many great features Xero offers is its multi-currency capability which makes it an ideal fit for those businesses which are run globally. Moreover, you can integrate up to 500 apps to this software as it offers quick and easy access to invoicing, journal entries, customer quotations, tracking transactions and bill payments.

There are 3 plans which Xero offers. Early, Growing and Established. The prices range from $9/month to $30/month and then $60/month respectively. The features offered may vary as per the plan you choose.

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